About Us

About Us

Flemographics is a marketing company committed to bringing your ideas to life through photography and graphic design. We love encouraging our customers to step outside the box for an authentic portraits, portraits or both!

Our mission

At Flemographics, our mission is to give each of our clients professional photography and custom graphic design at an affordable price. We believe that our service should help your small business and/or events become more productive, more successful, and allow you to compete head-on with larger businesses and events without breaking the bank. We believe in giving individual attention to each of our clients, and building a solid & lasting relationship based on trust and satisfaction.You deserve a unique professional look for your small business and events. We do not give you what you ordered and then disappear. We believe in supporting and maintaining our work.
After all, your business and event advertisements are a reflection of us, and your satisfaction is very important. Whether you need a photography and/or graphic design, we can help!


A native of Bremerton, WA, RJ Flemister, began his career in photography first, where his creativity and marketing improved over the years in Kitsap & Pierce County. After years of photography in high school and entrepreneurship it was Ronald’s desire to add a hidden skill of graphic design to his photography company, Flemographs Photography. Flemographs Photography then turned into Flemographics “Be creative, Make memories”.

Mr. Flemister seeks to build a corporation that assists small businesses and producers with innovative and professional portraits and advertisements. He loves to serve people and holds on to one quote near “Excellence is the STANDARD not the goal.” He values quality and relationship and looks forward to connecting with

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